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My name is Sam Britt. I currently am enrolled at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. I am an English major with a communications and film double minor. My English major is for journalism. I have a passion for sports and hope to one day break into the sports media industry. I enjoy sharing my opinion and debating about sports as well as analyzing games and players.

I currently write for a New Jersey Devils blog called Devils Army Blog. I have written 50+ articles for them since 2015. Besides writing I also am routinely a guest on the sites podcast DAB Live.

The participation in that podcast helped motivate me to start my own podcast, Over the River and Down the Pike. A podcast where my friends and I debated over our favorite hockey teams, the Devils, Flyers, and Rangers.

I also have a sports talk show on Radio 1851 at St. Joe’s. The SB60 is on every Thursday at 6 p.m. I host the show and talk about recent sports topics.

I occasionally contribute to The Hawk newspaper on campus, writing for both the News and Lifestyle sections. This is where I usually am able to pursue my other passion, film. I love watching movies and have written a couple reviews for The Hawk as well as an Oscar preview article.

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November 28, 2017

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